Solar power pumps - a unique technological boon

The arrival of solar power technology has triggered the entry of all sorts of new and cool gadgets and equipment onto the market. Solar power pumps have been around in the market for quite some time. They run totally on sunlight.

Traditional water pumps need proper wiring and a mains system or noisy polluting generators. Solar power pumps on the other hand use only the sun’s natural light for their power supply.

There are two major types of solar power pumps:

1. DC solar pumps

• It has a power output of upto 2kW • It is comparatively lower priced. • It is apt for smaller appliances like garden fountains or landscaping purposes.

2. AC solar pumps

• It has a power output range from 150W to 55kW • It is suitable for large-scale applications like landscaping, farmland irrigation and even desert irrigation. • It has a high compatibility and works with different kinds of AC motor and pump.

Solar power pumps are great for irrigation and drinking purposes. The main advantage is that they run cost free and all they need is direct sunlight. It is a fully self-contained system.

Solar power pumps need no complicated wiring to connect them to the electrical grids. Neither do they need any fuel from outside for the powering of generators. Keeping fossil fuels away from these pumps ensure there is no contamination with regards to drinking water. The applications are endless.

Many of these solar power pumps have digital monitoring and controlling devices that make operating them simple. The installation and maintenance of these pumps is both easy and economical.

Electric pumps need to be monitored and shut of manually so as to save wastage of power. The solar power pumps shut down automatically when the sun sets and restart automatically when sunlight is available.

Most pumps are capable of pumping hundreds, if not thousands of gallons of water daily.

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