Solar Power Pool Heater

Solar power is evolving rapidly and so are its applications. The latest advancement with regard to this is the solar power pool heater. Heating your pool with the help of solar power is a cost-effective and reliable option.

The main mechanism used is that of recirculation. The pool water is made to circulate through panels. These panels contain smaller tubes that heat the water as it passes through it.

The performance depends not so much on the brand of the solar pool heater as much as on the way the entire system is set up. It also depends on the amount of tubing found on the panels, their orientation and weather conditions.

For best results your solar heating panes should face the North. This is one direction that gets sun all day. An east-west facing panel is also good enough but adding another solar panel can increase its performance.

You need to remember that while the solar power pool heater is heating the pool the pool is also losing heat. This happens by evaporation from the pool surface. This can cause the pool to chill. Therefore it is necessary to add heat to the pool faster than the rate at which it is being lost.

A large collector can improve the heating capacity of your pool. A cheaper way to achieve this same effect is by using a pool cover. If you live in a sunny area the solar power pool heater will be able to capture maximum heat for your pool.

A solar power pool heater has an edge over a gas pump heater as it uses a renewable energy resource for it’s functioning. Even if you live in an area that gets sun only for a couple of months there is nothing to worry about as the heater stores solar energy whenever it is available.

The size of the solar collector used in the pool depends on the surface area of the pool. It is going to be anywhere between 50% to 100% of the pool’s surface area.

The other factors on which the size of the collector depends is the size of the pool, the time and season during which the pool is going to be utilized, the temperature of the pool and how abundant in sunlight your pool is.

The solar power pool heater though expensive provides you and your family with a pool that is warm even in wintertime. These heaters also reduce emission of greenhouse gases. Besides there is no noise and maintenance cost is very low.

There are certain things that need to be considered before settling for solar power pool heater. The space available and the amount of sunlight present are the primary considerations. The solar collector should be sized appropriately as per the climate and the size of the pool.

A solar power pool heater is an option for pool owners who wish to save money on heating costs. However just like other solar energy systems it is up to you to decide which system is worth the cost and which suits your lifestyle. It should also look aesthetic.

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