Solar Power Grants

Ever wondered when and how solar power grants come in handy? Well, here’s the answer. It is at those times when your bills keep increasing and drain your cash flow.

Solar energy grants are energy subsidies that encourage the use and development of solar technology. Many a times they extend specifically to industrial, government utility, education and other projects.

Residential solar grants are also available to homeowners now. These grants help reduce the cost of acquiring solar energy systems and equipment. These are provided so as to encourage the use of renewable energy sources.

Certain considerations that must be taken with regards to these grants:

1. It is necessary to determine the kind of solar power system that you want to install. There will be different kinds of grants for solar water heating systems and different ones for solar photovoltaic systems.

2. To determine what kind of grant you will need you will have to estimate the budget for installing a solar power system. The water heating systems are cheaper as compared to the photovoltaic systems.

3. After this you will have to contact the local city energy office to check what local grants are available. It is advisable to start at the local level and then expand to the state and central level. Each of these levels will have different grants that you can apply for.

4. It is necessary to read the details of the solar power grant, as some may be friendlier than others. There are certain requisites that you need to qualify for so as to be able to apply for these grants. Some grants need you to install the system first and then reimburse the cost, while others award grants before the installation.

5. Finally it is necessary to submit all paperwork of the grant with other necessary documents. These will vary with every grant. Whether it is homeowners or business owners either can obtain solar grants.

The availability and type of grants vary with each state. Local grants are exclusive and vary with each local authority. They usually offer no more than 50% of the total cost of the solar energy system installation.

Some grants provide incentives to individuals and businesses by paying the costs up-front. Others provide the manufacturers money to increase production of such technologies. Still others provide cash based on the amount of energy that these systems produce.

Utility grant programs are provided by companies who are directly involved in the distribution of solar power. These cover home solar power systems like water heaters. These are in the form of interest free-loans. The eligibility for these grants varies from one utility company to the other.

Solar power grants may be difficult to apply and become eligible for. However with the increasing number of grants and incentives there is scope for everyone to go solar.

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