How to use a Solar Power Calculator

If you have decided to convert your home power system into a renewable power system it is essential to do some research. Before buying the components you need to know how much power you will utilize.

A solar power calculator gives an estimate of the size and cost to install a solar power system in your house.

It is necessary that you know the power figures from each appliance before using a solar calculator. Here are basic steps to you need to take:

1. List all electrical appliances

It is necessary that you list down all the electrical appliances in the house and the ones that you plan to install. This list should include those tools, which though not used frequently do run on electricity. This is to ensure there is no dearth of power.

2. Determine the amount of power drawn by each appliance

The solar power calculator helps you calculate the power consumption by multiplying the voltage and current. These values can be got from the label on the electrical item and also on the manual. Some devices have the wattage information printed on them.

3. Determine the usage time for each appliance.

The wattage gives us an idea as to how much power is consumed by an appliance in an hour. This way you have to find out how many hours each device is going to be used daily. Similarly a list of all the usage times has to be made for all appliances in the house.

4. Consider the efficiency

Before entering the final values into the solar calculator to get an estimate of installation cost it is a must that you re-consider replacing appliances that draw high power with other alternatives. Electric ovens and water heaters can be replaced with their gas alternatives.

There are certain things that you must know about a solar power calculator so as to get accurate results:

1. The solar calculator is a tool, which helps determine the total number of panels that are needed after taking into consideration the total power consumption. It also helps determine the size of panels.

2. It helps to give an estimate of the total cost with regards to the purchasing and installing of the panels.

3. It gives a value of the total energy usage in watts on a monthly basis. The energy usage in kWh is given on your electricity bills. For more accurate results one has to add all the kWh usage annually and divide it by twelve. This gives the monthly energy usage value.

4. It requires you to mention the percentage of your energy requirement. Depending on that it will recommend the suitable size of the solar panel system required.

Thus, the solar calculator is a device that guides the buyer so that he can buy a home solar power system that fits his requirements. In most cases the solar power system costs less than the estimate given by the solar calculator.

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