Solar Power Benefits

Solar energy in very simple words is energy produced by the sun. The benefits of solar power are many. It is one of the most abundant and free natural resources available. Environmentalists believe that advancements made in recent years in solar energy, have made a real boost to the Green Energy Revolution.

1) Clean alternative

It is a clean, pollution free energy resource. Its usage causes no damage to the environment thus keeping it clean and green for future generations. The burning of oil on the other hand releases carbon dioxide and other carcinogens in the atmosphere.

2) Renewable resource

It is a renewable source of energy. Though it cannot be utilized or stored during a stormy or a cloudy day you can be rest assured that it would be there the next day to give more light and energy. Oil on the other hand is non-renewable.

3) Silent to run and tap

Tapping and storing of solar energy is a noiseless process compared to the noise and pollution used in the production of fossil fuels

4) Easy to install

Installing solar panels or solar powered lights is very easy. You do not need a maze of wires or professional help.

5) Worth the initial cost

Even though solar panels or lights do have ssome set up costs initially they can save you high electricity bills later. Sun’s energy is free for all whereas the cost of oil is ever increasing.

6) Little maintenance

Solar systems need very little maintenance, as they involve no moving parts or high-tech machinery. This increases its lifespan and reduces the cost of maintenance.

7) No global warming

This benefit of solar power sets it apart from oils and fossil fuels. Using solar power doesn’t release greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that deplete the ozone layer. Therefore it saves the harmful effects of global warming.

8) Extremely versatile

It is an extremely versatile and flexible form of energy. Numerous combinations of appliances and cars can be powered by it including water heaters, buildings and even cars.

9) Realistic form of energy in off grid areas

In remote rural areas where there is an abundance of sunlight and limited or no grid systems for electricity solar power is a realistic energy source.

11) Increases the Value of your property.

A home with solar power is very attractive to potential purchasers of your property. Solar power does add value to your home.

The benefits of using solar power are well worth the initial cost. Solar power is here to stay. The march of technology will only advance the cause of this free power resource.

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