Solar Panels For Homes

Solar Panels For Homes

Installing solar panels for homes can not just help you generate your own electricity but can also be a very enjoyable and environment friendly activity. Solar panels set up in homes make the house independent in terms of power.

Solar panel technology harnesses the energy from the sun and stores it for future use. The panel is a collection of solar cells that are spread out over a large area so that they can absorb maximum sunrays.

Solar panels for homes comprise of 3 major parts:

• Solar hot water panel- this is a mechanism used for heating water.

• Photovoltaic module- it is an assembly of interconnected solar cells.

• Solar thermal collector- its job is to collect heat by absorbing sunlight.

It is very easy to understand the parts that go into making the perfect solar panel for your home. These three parts work in harmony with each other.

The best place to install solar panels is in on the rooftop of the house. It should be done in such a way that it faces the south at an angle of 30 degrees. Care must be taken that there is no building or obstruction that is casting a shadow on the panels especially during the sunniest hours.

There are several types of solar panels for the home. Some of them are:

• Monocrystalline panels

These are made from silicon and are considered to be the most efficient type of panel for homes. It is made of silicon and works efficiently even in low light conditions. However it is expensive as compared to the other type of panels.

• Polycrystalline panels

These are a very common type of solar panels and are made of numerous silicon crystals. They are cheaper than monocrystalline panels but also less efficient. They look like shattered glass.

• Amorphous panels

These consist of a coating of molten silicon and though less efficient as compared to the other two they are very cheap. It is popular as it is shadow protected which means that even if it is in an area that doesn’t have enough sunlight it continues to charge.

When you are looking for a solar panel for your home it is necessary to research and find which is the best solution is for you. It is necessary to compute the solar efficiency of each of these types of panels before deciding on any one. Do this by finding out how much solar energy is captured and how much is converted to electricity. Then decide what is you want your solar panels to power.

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