Solar Lamp Post Lights

Solar lamp post lights are a great way to brighten your outdoor spaces without breaking your bank account.Outdoor spaces are no fun if you have to go inside when the sun sets. Wiring and fixing traditional outside lights can be a very expensive and time-consuming process.

The Benefits of Solar lamp post lights are as follows:

1. They look good during day and night time

You may feel that having solar panels on top of solar lamp post lights would ruin their beauty. However you cannot even tell that there are panels on top of these lights. These lights are stylish and modern and match Victorian styles. You can easily find them in a color and design that match you house.

2. Very secure and safe

These lights do not need to be manually turned on or off. They come with darkness sensors. This keeps burglars and thieves away from such areas. Also as they are free from electrical connections no prowler can man handle the connection and cause them to go off. They ensure maximum safety.

3. Extremely bright

It is a misconception that solar lights are tiny, cheap looking lights that are apt for backyards and places where they aren’t easily visible. On the contrary they come with the LED light technology that light up large areas and also add an element of style to the place.

4. Efficient

Solar lamp post lights can run for several days with one day of charge. The light is very bright. They can light up large areas efficiently. There may be little or negligible dimming on days that are cloudy.

5. Easy installation and operation

The installation is a cakewalk due to the absence of wires and trenches to be dug. Units need basic assembling to start working efficiently. The automatic eye turns the light on within half hour of dusk and turns it off half hour before dawn.

6. Affordable

Initially when this technology was new it was very expensive. However that is no more the case. These lights are very affordable and help to save a lot of money in the long run.

7. Promote the Go-Green feeling

These lamps are a way to contribute in saving the planet by reducing emissions caused by fossil fuels. If you can’t afford a whole solar power system for the home, these lights are a good way to start.

These lights are either a one-headed or a two-headed unit. The former have one bulb with solar cells inside and the latter have two bulbs protected in housing. Solar lamp post lights are here to stay.

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