Solar Backup Power

We often expect power supply from the electrical grid to be reliable and consistent but shortage or sudden electricity shortage can send our everyday routineinto chaos.

Solar backup power is that reserve power that provides protection when there is a shortage of electricity. This backup power can be stored and saved. Making instanr energy available to supply the household with power during an emergency.

The capacity of the solar backup power can be utilized to the maximum if energy consumption is lowered so that more power is reserved.

Emergency situations pop up in day-to-day life. Having spare energy capacity on tap at home ensures that the family is safe and comfortable should any disaster crop up. There are many solar backup alternatives that you needs to be aware of:

• Solar powered devices

These include electronic devices that run on solar cells. These devices could be cameras, solar cell phones and solar net books too. The main advantage of these devices is that the solar cells do not need a separate charger to charge them because the sun will do the trick.

• Solar chargers

These solar chargers can be connected in the power jack of the appliance that needs to be used. They are an excellent solar backup power as solar chargers are available in a wide range of sizes. They can be moved from one place to the other with ease.

• Solar briefcases

These are a very compact means of storing solar backup power. Solar briefcases have solar panels inside them. When the briefcase is opened a well-equipped solar backup system unfolds which can be plugged into various electronic devices.

• Solar roller systems

They are solar backup power systems that are heavier than the solar briefcases, which is the reason why they have wheels. Though they are heavy they provide with excellent backup power and also an extra dose of electrical power.

• Solar rolls and tents

Solar tents and rolls are a means of solar backup power and they have solar cells woven in between their fabric. They have a large surface area increasing the storing capacity of the tent. There is also a plug that can be connected to a battery for charging it. Solar rolls are small enough to power smaller electronic devices but are much more portable than solar tents.

What are the options with regards solar backup power. First of all you must choose what you are looking to power. Then make the decision on purchasing on a product with the capacity to supply your needs.

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