Portable Solar Power Generator

Portable Solar Power Generator

A portable solar power generator is a device that produces electricity by capturing the sun’s rays in solar panels. The units store the generated electricity in built in batteries for future use.

It is a separate standalone system that can produce electricity on its own. When household appliances are plugged into this device it converts direct current into alternating current. The amount of energy produced depends on the size of its solar panel.

Advantages of Portable Solar Power Generators

• Free of additional wires and cables making them handy and very portable.

• Can be used for charging a laptop or a mobile especially during times of travel.

• Better than gas generators as they do not make noise, or produce fumes thereby making them very safe for use indoors.

• Very light in weight and do not struggle to start when temperatures fall.

• Can be used for camping or other outdoor activities.

• Incase of sudden loss of electricity a portable solar power generator is an excellent backup power.

• Very easy to charge. All you need to do is place the solar panel that comes along with the generator under blazing sun so that it stores the solar energy as backup.

• Available in many sizes ranging from a few inches upwards.

• Portable generators last 4 times longer than fuel driven generators.

These days there are batteries that provide 270 watts of energy per day. These when used in portable solar power generators can provide enough energy to supply an entire house.

When making your choice it is necessary to determine how many Watts of energy is needed on a daily basis. By doing so you can easily calculate the size of the generator required.

Portable Solar Power Generator

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