Emergency Solar power

emergency solar power

In the event of losing mains electricity for whatever reason, a power back up is essential. Having a supply of emergency solar power will help to keep you in control. As long as there is sun in the sky, nothing can stop you from storing an emergency backup electricity supply.

Having a backup makes you feel secure in the case of daily basic electricity needs not being met. In the past photovoltaic cells were used to trap solar energy and convert it to electricity to provide emergency solar power in case of a disaster. However power grids are often affected during a disaster hence the necessity for some form of emergency solar power.

For instance during the tsunami in Asia many of the grids went out of operation. It was emergency solar power that was used in large quantities to aid and assist the rescue workers

Normal generators can also be used of course when there is a need for an emergency backup. However normal back up generators need additional fuel to run them (diesel, petrol etc). Fuel however can often be in short supply, during times of crises.

So why is it wise to have a backup Emergency solar power supply?

• Self-sufficient as it needs just sunlight for its functioning and no other fuel sources.

• To keep important appliances like fans, lights and other heating devices running smoothly long after the electricity has gone.

So what is the solution? Well there are numerous emergency solar power kits available on the open market. Most Kits consist of a solar panel, a DC distributor, battery, power inverter and essential wiring. They also come in special cases, which make them highly portable.

Some of the smaller kits can run up to 25 laptops for 6 hours and they can charge satellite phones too. A hybrid solar charger is an excellent accessory for an emergency solar power kit as it has rechargeable batteries which can supply emergency power to small devices.

Is emergency solar power is a must? Well, to be prepared is the best form of prevention in planning for any future power losses. As they say better safe than sorry.

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