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Many people are ditching the grid and exploiting natural solar energy for their personal usage. Initially solar power was available to well-off commercial and residential users owing to its high cost. However advances in technology have made solar power affordable to average residential users too.

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Average consumers are opting for the DIY solar power panels to curb their ever-increasing electricity bills. Certain tips to follow while assembling the DIY solar panels are:

• If you are a first timer in installing a panel on your own it is advisable to go through the process slowly.

• Every single instruction should be followed and the panels must be fixed piece by piece.

• The efficiency of the panel should be tested after one unit is set up.

• After one unit works efficiently only then is it advisable to install more panels for your home. • For tapping maximum sunshine you can use auto-sensors that automatically adjust the solar panels towards sunlight.

The benefits of DIY solar power are:

1. It reduces the electricity bills providing free energy to your house for years.

2. DIY solar panels can be made with very high quality solar cells that are available on eBay at low prices.

3. Homemade DIY solar systems need very basic skills and the following of all instructions step by step.

4. It can be a very fun and a satisfying activity as the efforts show in the form of minimal energy bills.

5. It will protect you against the increasing energy prices.

6. It adds resale value to the house as potential buyers will be attracted to a well equipped solar powered home.

7. In some countries energy companies give money to homes that produce more energy than they consume. Link to Grants etc.

8. DIY solar power systems give you the satisfaction of doing something in your capacity to save the environment from fossil fuels and global warming.

DIY solar power panels can be set up anywhere as long as there is sufficient sunlight. It is the best option for handymen who wish to tackle a task on their own and be self-sufficient when it comes to producing feasible power.

Above all you can save loads of money! Home generators

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