Advantages of solar power

Environmentalists believe that every country worldwide will soon realize the advantages of solar power as an alternate energy resource.

Advancement in technology is one of the prime factors for the rise in the use of solar power in developed countries and underdeveloped rural areas. So what are ther main advantages? How can you benefit from Solar power?



• Solar power is an extremely reliable form of energy. Once installed solar panels can last a lifetime owing to their high durability.

• You can generate electricity that can last for 1000s of hours. Another important advantage of solar power is the fact that it is the only renewable energy source that is fully silent and noiseless.

• Solar energy enables you to be totally energy independent.

• Solar panels come in a wide variety of sizes and prices thus enabling you to buy the type that fits in the house and in the budget. It enables you to be completely self-sufficient without having to rely on complicated and unreliable grid systems.

• Using solar power makes your electric meter spin backwards and the excess electricity can be sold to power companies that may willingly buy it or credit you for it.

• Governments around the world provide tax credits or incentives to people who purchase solar energy systems with rebates that cover approximately 20-30% of the total cost of the system.

• Solar power is a pollution free source of energy that doesn’t lead to emission of harmful greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide which cause global warming.

• Installing a solar power system in a house increases the resale value of the house. Buyers are attracted to a house that has a fixed electricity bill from solar power rather than the expensive grid system. It adds a lot of value to your house thereby it is nothing short of an investment.

• Solar power can be used to run a wide variety of appliances from a cell phone to a water heater. Solar power is equally distributed throughout the world and no particular country had its ownership.

• Solar energy is an absolutely harmless and clean form of energy. Solar technology is constantly improving in an age where the price of fossil fuels is skyrocketing and their supply is shortening.

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