What You Need to Know about Wind Solar Power

You may be hearing all about Wind Solar power and all the other forms of clean energy, but you may only have a basic grasp of how they work. If you have little or no idea of how the wind solar power is generated, there is no need to fret. Below you will find everything you need to know about this amazing form of clean energy that is virtually free:

Wind Solar Power: Wind

When the wind blows, it creates a force that pushes everything out of its path. In order to harness this form of energy, giant fans are used to catch the wind power. When the wind blows over the fan blades, it causes the blades to turn. The blades are attached to a generator that creates electricity when the kinetic energy from the turning blades runs through it. The turning blades create a steady stream of electricity, but only so long as the wind is blowing.

This is one of the things to keep in mind when trying to think of using wind power as a form of clean energy. The wind has to be blowing for the energy to be created, and no wind means no energy. If you live in a part of the country where there is a lot of wind, you may find that this form of energy is great for you. You will need to have a lot of research done to determine if your area is a good place for wind generators, however, as not all windy areas are viable places to put the wind generators.

Wind Solar Power: Solar

The bright sun shining down overhead can bake your brains inside your head, but it can also provide the power needed to keep your AC running and your home cool. Using a home solar panel system ensures that you can collect as much energy as possible. The way it works is by using special PV cells in two separate sheets. One sheet has a lot of photons in it, and the other has a number of electrons. When the photons from the sun’s rays come in contact with the sheets, they displace the photons on the top sheet. This displacement causes the loose photons to contact the electrons in the bottom sheet, and thus energy is generated by the contact of the two cells.

Using solar power is one of the best ways to take advantage of the bright sun overhead, and you will find that living in parts of the country that are sunny can provide you with a great way to save money with a solar power system. The cost of the system is fairly steep, but it is an initial investment that will easily pay itself off after a few years of cutting your electric costs.

Wind solar power is a one of the best things that you can use to both save money and do your part to protect the planet. By using a system which combines both wind and solar power you have the best of both worlds. The power to harness both wind energy and solar energy.

Wind Solar Power and how to save money!

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