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A solar power inverter is a device that converts the DC energy that is produced by the sun into AC power that you can use around your home. You will find that your solar power generator will need one of these inverters connected to it, as it will need to be able to convert the DC energy that your home appliances cannot use into AC energy.

If you are looking to set up your own home solar power system, you should definitely consider purchasing solar power inverters to connect to your solar power system for the purpose of converting your DC energy into useful AC energy.

There are a few types of solar power inverter that you can use:

• The most common is the standalone solar panel inverters. These are used to convert the DC energy that is fed from the solar power’s battery into AC energy that is useful for providing power to your home appliances. You can find inverters that are between 100 and 80,000 watts, and the size you choose is determined by the size of your solar panel and its potential for energy output. You will also need to determine how much AC energy all your appliances will need by adding them all up, but make sure to get a surge compliant to ensure that none of your appliances burn them out as they surge when starting up.

• Synchronous solar panel inverters give you the ability to convert DC energy into energy to store in a battery. You will find that having this type of solar power inverter is necessary if your solar power system produces more energy than you use, as it will send the excess power into the main electricity grid. However, it will also suck power from the main grid if your system doesn’t produce as much energy as your home needs, thus ensuring that you always have power no matter what happens.

• Multifunction solar panel inverters are the most expensive forms of solar power inverter, as they serve the functions of both of the above inverters. They are usually recommended by solar panel system experts, as they are the most functional and practical.

• Modified sine wave inverters are the low cost option for solar power systems that are free of electric motors. They are less effective than true sine wave inverters, and they can create a buzzing sound that can be very annoying.

• True sine wave inverters are the most efficient form of inverters, and the waveform they produce is very accurate. They are fairly quiet, much more expensive than other forms of inverters, and are the inverters that are most compatible with the widest range of electrical devices.

These are the main types of solar power inverters, and you will find that all of them will be useful for different situations. It is important that you do sufficient research when purchasing a solar power inverter, as that will help you to purchase the right one for your home solar power system.

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