Saving Money with Solar Power Fountains

Installing solar power fountains and fountain pumps can be a great way to save money on your utility bills.

Having a pump running all day and every day can prove to be quite expensive. Your electric company charges you cents for every watt used. However, with a solar pump, you will find that the energy you collect from the sun is free, so the extra money that you invest in purchasing the pump will easily be recouped by the low operating costs.

Solar power fountains have pumps of different sizes, and it is important that you choose the right pump. The size of the pump determines how much water it can move, and that will depend greatly on the size of the fountain itself. The larger fountains obviously require a larger pump to move all the water, so choose the size of your fountain carefully.

The flow rate of the solar power pump is important to get right. If your pump is too powerful, you may end up with a geyser. If the pump isn’t powerful enough, you will end up with a trickle. You will find that you need to search for a pump that moves the correct number of gallons per hour. The number of gallons per hour required to be moved will be marked on the fountain, and you can find a pump that will be the right size.

Many solar power fountains are very tall, and you will need a pump that is able to push the water into the air. You can check the pump’s specs to see the lift height of the pump, and that will tell you just how high into the air it is able to shoot the water. Smaller fountains may be fine with a 16 inch lift, but you may want to purchase a more powerful pump for a full size fountain.

The electrical specs of the fountain also need to be taken into account, especially if you are purchasing a solar power pump to replace a regular fountain pump. The electrical specs of your solar power pump will need to be compatible with the output of your solar panel, and you will need to be certain that the wattage is correct as well. You will always be able to find that information in the manual for the fountain and the solar pump, and it is of the utmost importance that you match the electrical specs of the fountain and pump correctly in order to have a working fountain.

Are solar powerd fountains worth the effort? If they can both save you money and add to the enjoyment of your property the answer must be resounding yes.

Pumps for Solar Power Fountains

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