How to Choose a Solar Power Charger

Those looking to have music or entertainment on the go will find that a solar power charger will be one of the best things they can purchase. You will find that you can always power your laptop, iPod, or mini-TV with a solar power charger.

You can use it to charge regular batteries, or you can even use it to power your portable electric stove when taking your RV on a trip.

All chargers have a conversion rate that you should look at, and you should choose the one that can convert the most amount of energy possible while still being as small as possible.

A charge controller is a very useful device if you are in a very sunny part of the country. This will ensure that your device doesn’t get charged with too much energy, and it will even help to enhance the quality of your solar panel’s electrical charge. The charge controller will also reduce the risk of your battery being damaged.

Remember that direct sunlight is a must if you want your solar power charger to actually work. The sunlight needs to hit the panel directly for it to convert it into energy, and setting it up someplace where there is a lot of shade may cause your device to break early. So long as you set it up in the right place, you should have no problems keeping all of your portable electronics and batteries fully charged.

However, the sun doesn’t shine directly down on you all day every day, and there may be shade on the charger for part of the day. If you are trying to keep a number of electronics fully charged, you may find that buying a panel with larger charging capacity than you need will make it possible for you to always have enough power. After all, the extra power that you have collected from the sun can always be used at a later date, and it will come in handy if there is no sun the next day.

The voltage is another thing to keep in mind. Most chargers will produce 12 volts of DC energy, but you can find some that go up to 36, 48, or more. If you can find devices that use DC energy, you can save a lot of the power. If not, an AC/DC inverter will make it easy for you to hook up all of your devices directly to the solar powered charger.

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